Congregation Netzarim

Congregation Netzarim:

Our Mission Statement:

Please read!  UPDATED  02-17-14

Our Mission Statement:

We correspond with many inmates in North Carolina prisons across the state by mail.  This allows us to “talk” to each one personally, giving them instructions from the Bible.  For over ten years we have ministered to them and have come to know them quite well.  They share their stories with us, as in many cases, being the only ones they can confide in.  Through the years several have been released and have become law abiding citizens, finding their place in society.  This isn’t always the outcome, some never “break the loop” of crime, and return to prison.  This always saddens us so much.


Many of them have no families, or ones that correspond with them, so they are quite alone in the world.  It matters not to us what their offense is, that is between them and YHWH, and we will or cannot pass judgment on them.  Judgment is what YaShua our Messiah will pass to each one of us, and HE teaches us not to judge others.

As any other endeavor, funds are needed to buy postage, fuel, and office supplies.  Our time spent is YHWH's alone; we are merely workers in the vineyard.  HE richly blesses us day by day and sees that we have what we need to be effective in HIS ministry.  We never refuse to accept someone’s gift, no matter what the amount.  Our website is secure and you can be confident that your information will not be compromised.  We also post the Torah Portion each week, and a comment from the Rebbe.



Last April your Rebbe was involved in a near fatal accident near the Naval Station here in Jacksonville, FL.  Since that time I have treated for several injuries.  This winter I have had two strokes, thankfully mild, but has affected my short-term memory and my ability to write with pen or pencil.  These, through therapy, I hope to regain, but thankfully I can still use the computer to write documents.  Please pray for me and my wife.  On base here we have two weekly bible study groups and have been blessed immensely for two winters now.  I pray that you read and study the Torah portions I post each week and may YHWH bless and keep you.  It is by HIS strength that we are able to do HIS work.