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"Who We Are" 



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Who we are

This is our story, but of course ours is similar to, but one of many for this; the last generation.  Before we came to the Truth of the Scriptures, we were two people, Jews, who reasoned that there must be more to life, salvation, and Messiah.  Read on.


We grew up in a "christian" environment, and at the time believing in jesus and going to church seemed the right thing to do.  Praise YHWH, who in HIS infinite mercy chose to reveal to us, an elderly couple, HIS magnificent Glory – the truth about and what, nearly every adult of western mentality has or been; born into, grown up in, or, as an adult come in contact with.   HE revealed HIS truth to us, startling as it was, that the “traditions” we’d inherited, such as, those holidays that we were so fond of, are pagan – yes! P a g a n…  You can imagine how, I guess, how devastated? we were to come to that realization.   It pulled the “proverbial” rug from under us, and what do we do next?  We prayed together, taking stock of our lives, praying for HIS guidance, we felt terribly alone for a while but this was a good thing because we turned our focus on HIM through prayer – tell us Father, “What do You expect of us and what do we do now?”  First; READ MY TORAH – then REPENT and turn from your pagan ways, with your heart!


We reread the Bible but our kjv’s “Elizabethan English” didn’t really shed any new light for our many new questions.  Let me say this; please don’t get the idea that I have fault with the kjv, while it may be correct Scripturally, we began to realize that there didn’t seem to be anything Jewish in it.  Had it been “cleansed” of everything Jewish?   It is the Creator’s and HIS Son’s book and their names do not appear on its pages so, this is the light that I see the kjv in, right or wrong.  Remember, you have the right to read any version you prefer, but we chose the True Names version.  We bought a bible known as the True Name Restoration Scriptures and immersed ourselves into HIS beautiful words.  What a revelation!  Verses we had heard all our lives suddenly had deeper meanings – “the Jewish viewpoint.”  So, that’s why Messiah did this, said this, etc.  Now it was becoming clearer, and all of it with an impact. 


We knew our Jewish heritage but had no idea how to apply it to daily life, other than keeping kosher – something we’d done for years past.  The first “changes” came when we knew the pagan stuff must go, all of it.  So, out went the decorations, you know, the ones you bring out on those auspicious days, out it goes!   That is when you really begin to feel “clean and free,” actually doing something for HIM, to begin to be obedient.  In short, abandon the paganism from the heart, then from everyday life, letting the guilt feelings of not being in church and observing pagan holidays melt away.  It took us many months for them to go away as they were part of us, having grown up with it.  We had to realize changes come slowly and not without HIS help, but the reward is peace and joy.  Now, family and friends, “what’s going on?”  No more sunday routine, no saturday work or errands; now Sabbath is the day before – had we become Seventh Day Adventists?  Sabbath from friday sundown until sundown saturday, keeping The Commandments now, we tried to explain, they couldn’t understand.


They rebutted; “those old commandments went away when jesus came, and/or, no one can keep them.”   We tried to explain, no, they didn’t go away, and yes, you can keep them – read your bible!  Did they understand?   No, and still don’t.  Then came; you’re in some kind of cult, that’s it.  Some tried to rescue us, quoting Scripture and arguing, but we were not turning back and won’t.  Instead we prayed for them, that’s what HE says to do isn’t it?  We kept in mind, our blinders were gone but they still had theirs, they are the ones in a cult!  Only when the Holy Spirit removes that blindness from their eyes will they be able to see, as we did.  We found ourselves chastised by family and friends - and the church we had been attending.  It took some time before we were able to shed the guilt of not being in church and sunday worship - we did miss the fellowship.  We did attend a few times, but soon found out you can't mix the two, than you can serve two masters.


We now keep the "real" Holy Days," the ones HE said to keep.  We keep Sabbath from friday sundown till saturday sundown.  Notice that I don't capitalize the pagan days of the week or months as they are named after pagan gods.  In our culture few are aware of the pagan influence around us, which YHWH hates.  Reading the Scriptures, we saw the endless pleas; “obey ME, keep MY commandments.”  We are not doing anything wrong by serving HIM, even though others say otherwise.  The Romans and Greeks gave us another creator and messiah, by other names (god and jesus); a son who is disobedient to his father; breaks the Sabbath, eats pork and seafood, and teaches doctrines of lies, and urges others to do the same.  We use His and His Son’s True name; YHWH, YaShua.  I certainly would rather have someone call me by my real name; not a pagan name.

With prayers that you too will follow HIM in Truth and Obedience…


by Moreh Larry