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Q:Netzarim Judaism, where did the term "Netzarim" originate?

"Netzer" is a prophetic word YHWH spoke through the prophets, it refers to a sprout or shoot of new growth at its earliest appearance.  Isaiah 11:1"And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Netzer (sprout) shall grow out of his roots:"  This (neytzer) sprout was mistranslated as "the Branch", in Hebrew the word Tsemach (Branch) refers to the coming forth of Moshiach Ben David not necessarily Moshiach Ben Yoseph.  Isaiah 4:2"In that day shall the Tsemach (Branch) of YHWH be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel."

When Isaiah wrote of the "Netzer", in Isaiah 11:1the city of Nazareth didn't exist, a common mis-understanding was that YaShua Moshiach was a "Nazarene" because He came from the city of Nazareth, this is misleading as the point of the "Netzer" is to reveal the attributes of  Moshiach.  Not to prophecy which city he would live in.  It is futile to believe that Y'shua is the Moshiach, but not to understand WHO He is according to YHWH and Torah, OR what is required of those who follow Him. The Seven Attributes listed in Isaiah 11:2-4are Attributes which are to emanate through the life of each soul who walks in YaShua Moshiach as Netzarim.

And the Spirit of YHWH shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and of the Fear of YHWH;  And shall make Him of quick understanding in the fear of YHWH: and He shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of His ears:  But with Righteousness shall he Judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked.  Isaiah 11:2-4 

There is confusion regarding the prophetic name "Netzer".  One Hebrew term "Natzar" (naw-tsar) means to keep, preserve, to watch, watchman, some refer to themselves as "Natzarim".  Shemot (Exodus) 34:7"Natzar (keeping) mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin", the term "Natzar" is based on the term "Ratsah" which means to accept or please.  To further complicate matters there were derogatory terms coined like "Natsarim" or "Natzarim" (naw-tzarim), "Notsarim" or "Notzarim" (no-tsrim) by the Pharisees to show hatred to the followers of Y'shua.  The term "Natsarim" comes from the word "Natsah" as in Jeremiah 4:7“The lion is come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way; he is gone forth from his place to make your land desolate; and your cities shall be laid Natsah (waste), without an inhabitant.

Isaiah 37:26"Now have I brought it to pass, that you should lay waste defended cities into Natsah (ruinous) heaps.  Along with the many traditions of the Pharisees, one tradition is to wish evil upon Yeshua and His followers, so they came up with names and sayings against Yeshua and His followers as a feeble and pathetic effort to put a curse upon us.  The term "Notzarim" comes from the root word "no-tsaw" as in Leviticus 1:16 "And he shall pluck away his crop with his "Notsah" (feathers)".  Ezekiel 17:3  "And say, Thus says YHWH Elohim; A great eagle with great wings, long winged, full of Notsah (feathers), which had divers colours, came unto Lebanon, and took the highest branch of the cedar:"

Some American folk have been told the are "Notsrim or Natsrim", it might be helpful to inquire of them where they got that idea?  see also "Netzer" in Isaiah 60:21; Daniel 11:7   What is Netzarim Judaism? The teachings and life values of Y'shua HaMoshiach* are known as Netzarim Judaism.  In its purest form Netzarim Judaism is the state of having Yeshua HaMoshiach live inside of us.  Not only is Netzarim Judaism an awareness of being and living according to His Way of life, it is also an action of ministering to others in the Ruach HaKodesh.  Anyone can choose to become Netzarim, although we respond to His calling or bidding us to become His Talmidim.  Netzarim Judaism is the process of the Ruach HaKodesh writing Torah upon our hearts and revealing the character of Yeshua inside of our own souls.  We experience Moshiach through not only studying Torah but by living and walking according to Torah.  It is our prerogative to work, to put an effort forth, to pray, study, worship the      King of Kings and walk in the Joy of YHWH.  Being a Netzarim, "sprout" is to co-labour with Yeshua, we don't sit idly by and give orders to our King, we take orders and we serve Him and each other.

To deny the Ruach HaKodesh the opportunity to write Torah upon our hearts, is to deny the "Spirit of Moshiach" from changing us into the "Image of Elohim".   Netzarim Judaism is not a religion that is based on "theology", there are no lists of doctrines that makes one "acceptable to the beloved", only Righteous Principles of living which are observe as a Way of Being.  Moshiach said if we DO His Mitzvoth (Directions or Commandments) we will know His "Doctrine" or Teaching is true.  In other words we are called to deny ourselves, take up a calling that is higher than us, and indeed is higher than life itself.  Yeshua instructs us to fulfill the weightier matters of Judgment, Faith and Mercy, this is the Nature of Yeshua.

Netzarim Judaism is a continuum of the covenants given by YHWH from Adam to Yeshua Moshiach. Moshiach is the Memra (Word) of YHWH.  Greek followers of Y'shua Moshiach were originally labeled "Krist'yana" by Greek detractors (Acts 11:26) and were Torah Observant (Acts 15:20,21) along with Netzarim Yehudi.  The terms Netzarim and christian are legitimate Biblical terms, although first generation Jewish Talmidim of Yeshua were not originally referred to as "christians".  Apostle Paul was charged with being a "ringleader of the sect of the Netzarim" (Nazarenes)  Acts 24:5.  The term "christian" may have well been a slang and derogatory term coined by Greeks to refer to Greek adherents of Netzarim Judaism.  Moshiach Y'shua interprets Torah in a Way that provides mercy and compassion to all souls, accepts all souls, and welcomes all souls into the Kingdom of Elohim regardless of race, color or creed.

Do I have to be Jewish to be Netzarim?  No, most Netzarim today do not have Jewish lineage, "...It is a Qalal (light thing) that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel:  I will also give you for a light to the Gentiles, that you may be my salvation unto the end of the earth."  Isaiah 49:6   The prophets indicate that Moshiach would take a keen and specific interest in "Gentiles" and draw them unto Himself.  Both Torah and Moshiach have always been available for everyone, from YHWH's perspective.  Traditions of men and false religions have other ideas about this.  The "ger toshav" (mistranslated "stranger") are mentioned extensively and included with Israel throughout Torah.  The "sojourner" is to observe Torah along with all of Israel, including the weekly Shabbat, the Moedim and all Laws of Justice, Judgment, Faith and Mercy.

The "mixed multitude" which came out of Egypt along with Israel were present when YHWH spoke the Torah to Moshe.  All heard and understood it, all said they would do it, not just those born through the line of Ya'akov (Israel).  The Torah is a covenant between YHWH and all mankind, the Moshiach came to establish the Torah in our hearts.  None who follow Moshiach are "second class" in the Kingdom of Elohim.   "Noachide Laws" are an evil invention of false Rabbinical religion, it is an evil perpetuated on humanity that attempts to set factions within and outside of the Body of Moshiach. Abrahamic laws were given before "the Jews" per se existed, Abraham himself was not "Jewish" by name, yet he and ALL his household entered into covenant with YHWH, they converted to "Judaism", by turning away from paganism toward the One True YHWH.

Truth has never been a "religion" but a way of living from the beginning.  Yeshua said of the religious ruling class of His day, " made the commandment of Elohim of none effect by your tradition.  You       hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying, "This people draws close unto me with their mouth, and honours me with their lips; but their heart is far from me."  But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." Matthew 15:5-6  Yeshua said, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees", this is not referring only to "Orthodox" but Conservative, Reform and any idealogy which makes a religious icon out of "tradition" and voids the Torah.  We are told to come out from among them and be separate.  When anyone comes to know Y'shua as the Torah Moshiach, many adopt the label of "Netzari" or "Netzarim" to make a distinction of Observance of Torah and their walk in the Faith of Yeshua.  Boaz performed the Levirate requirement with Ruth 4:5,and Ruth converted to Netzarim Judaism.

What are some of the fundamental characteristics of Netzarim talmidim (disciples)?  The most notable peculiarities within Netzarim Judaism has to do with ministry of the Ruach HaKodesh and Torah Observance.  Netzarim recognize the Power and Discernment of the Ruach HaKodesh to direct our walk.  We also regard the authority of the Word of YHWH and the halacha of Yeshua as supreme authority for Judgment and Justice.  Netzarim seek to apply Torah even as taught through the literal and spiritual Song of Moshe and the Song of the Lamb, Yeshua.  There are many examples of Netzarim halacha to make these distinctions, (see halacha)  What is Torah?  A definition of Torah is found in 2 Timothy 3:16  "All scripture is  given by inspiration of Elohim, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." Torah means "instruction in righteousness". Observance in this case does not mean to look at it, the Hebrew "shamar" is first used in Genesis 2:15 "And YHWH Elohim took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it."

We keep instruction in righteousness, when we observe the Torah.  "All scripture" as mentioned here in 2 Timothy refers to the Tanak which includes the Torah, Neviim (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings). Deuteronomy 31:12  "Gather the people together, men, and women, and children, and the sojourner that is within your gates, that they may hear, and that they may learn, and fear YHWH Elohim, and observe to do all the words of this Torah:" What is the Tanak?  Luke 24:44"And He said unto them, these are the words which I spoke with you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in: the law of Moses (TORAH),  and in the prophets (NEVIIM),  and in the psalms (KETUVIM), concerning me."  The letters in TaNaK stand for Torah-Neviim-Ketuvim.  christians call the Tanak "the Old Testament", this was a description invented by Marcion who was a christian Heretic, he coined the phrase "Old" and "New Testament".

Although Marcion was branded a heretic by christians of his day, his heresies continue to proliferate modern christian theology.  Marcion taught that the G-d of the "Old Testament" was a cruel, harsh G-d of Judgment, but the G-d of the "New Testament" as a loving, kind and merciful G-d, obviously most christians have been greatly influenced by this evil teaching otherwise they would not be hasty to speak evil against the Torah, or those who observe it.  How do Netzarim talmidim (disciples) of Y'shua observe Torah?  Moshiach is the Living Word of YHWH, it is Moshiach who gave Torah and halacha to Moshe, not only for the descendants of Israel but for all souls.  Moshiach also gave over 900 halachic directives to His talmidim which are recorded in the Ketuvim Netzarim.  He gave the authority through the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) where two or three are gathered in His authority He provides wisdom and direction to do righteousness.  Not all tradition of the Pharisees or christianity is unacceptable to Moshiach, much of what is unacceptable is stated within the Ketuvim Netzarim, any annulments of Torah by tradition is a falsehood.

Did Moshiach Y'shua "Fulfill the Torah"?  Matthew 5:17"Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill."  What does it mean to fulfill the Torah?  It means to teach and interpret Torah correctly.  Early christianity was heavily influenced by Marcion who taught that the Disciples of Yeshua never understood who He was.  Marcion taught that Yeshua never came as a Jewish Messiah, but as an enlightened being.  Marcion invented the terms Old and New Testaments and in so doing was able to establish the Tanak as being done away with.  Marcion was       ex-communicated as a heretic but his teaching remains to this day.  Isaiah 42:21"YHWH is well pleased for his righteousness' sake; he will GADAL (magnify) the Torah, and make it honourable."  HaMoshiach enlarged or made great the Torah, the Pharisees and most christians reduce the Torah       to irrelevance by their tradition... tradition.  Because Y'shua Himself Observed Torah, does not give license to violate it!  All who follow Moshiach will not violate Torah or willfully break His Commandments.  We respect the posted signs along the road of life.

Y'SHUA SAID, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets", Y'shua did not do away with the Prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah any more than Torah.  It would be IMPOSSIBLE for Yeshua to claim Ha'Mishchah (the anointing) of HaMoshiach as a Torah breaker. Moshiach is THE LAWGIVER, which means we are the ones who are to receive and uphold His Judgment, Faith and Mercy.  Are Netzarim Jews "Legalists"?  Legalism is the act of trusting in one's own religion for salvation.   No one religion has the monopoly on legalism, anyone who trusts in their religion is a legalist.  Torah requires we deny our flesh and take up new life in Moshiach.  Those who are quick to point fingers and call others legalists are more than likely those with the real issues.  Anti-Messiah is clearly described in Scripture as being anti-Torah, therefore those who put religion above Torah are in very dangerous water.

One telltale determination from legalists is a passage from Isaiah 64 that "all of our righteousness is as filthy rags".  Click here to find out more about this form of legalism.  What is Halacha?  Halacha means the way to go, or how to walk in newness of Life in Moshiach and Torah.  Y'shua taught halacha in ways that are opposite what the Pharisees taught, and opposite of modern Christianity.  Here are a few examples:  John 5:7-16  "The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steps down before me.  Y'shua said unto him, Rise, take up your bed, and walk.  And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked: and this was on the Shabbat.  The Jews therefore said unto him that was cured, It is the Shabbat: it is not lawful for you to carry your bed.  He answered them, He that made me whole, the same said unto me, "Take up your bed, and walk".

Then they asked him, What man is that which said to you, Take up your bed, and walk?  And he that was healed didn't know who healed him: for Y'shua had conveyed himself away into the multitude of people.  Afterward Y'shua found him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, you are made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto you.  The man departed, and told the Jews that it was Y'shua, which had made him whole.  And therefore did the Jews persecute Y'shua, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the Shabbat."

Clearly, Yeshua had different halacha than the Pharisees, it would have been nothing for Y'shua to instruct the man to leave his bed where it was, and return to get it after Shabbat, but He didn't.  Why not?  There are many lessons to learn here, one being that YHWH's halacha extends both mercy and instruction to people, the basis of Shabbat observance is to grow in and learn of Moshiach by taking the appointed time to rest in Him.  The Moshiach demonstrated His authority to establish halacha: John 5:17-27  "But Y'shua answered them, My Father works, and I work.  Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the Shabbat, but said also that Elohim (G-d) was his Father, making himself equal with Elohim (G-d).  Then answered Y'shua and said unto them, Truly, truly, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do: for whatever things He does, the Son does likewise.  For the Father loves the Son, and shows him all things that He Himself does: and He will shew him greater works than these, that you may marvel.

For as the Father raises up the dead, and quickens them; even so the Son quickens who he will.  For the Father judges no man, but has committed all judgment unto the Son:  That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honours not the Son honours not the Father which has sent him.  Truly, truly, I say unto you, He that hears my word, and believes on him that sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.  Truly, truly, I say to you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son            of Elohim (G-d): and they that hear shall live.  For as the Father has life in himself; so has He given to the Son to have life in himself;  And has given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man."  Yeshua is accountable to His Father and as a Servant He emulated Torah, He is the Living Torah.  The point of having the man take up his bed and walk was to establish a greater principle, "the shabbat was made for man, not man for the shabbat" (Mark 2:27)  Y'shua taught the Kingdom and will of His Father and through enormous compassion demonstrated power to heal the sick whether, physical, mental or spiritual.

Y'shua did not set new halachic principles as much as He restored the halacha as YHWH intended from the very beginning.  Is it inappropriate to work and to carry a bed on the Shabbat?  Yes most certainly, but all flesh can now witness that Moshiach provided halacha for Shabbat which is full of grace and mercy, Yeshua elevated mankind and brought us from under a religious yoke of tradition and false humility.  The man needed physical healing and to have Salvation, the Shabbat is a day for healing and to have Yeshua.  A second example of Y'shua's halacha.  Matthew 6:1-4 "Take heed that you do not your tsedaka (alms) before men, to be seen of them: otherwise you have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.  Therefore when you do tsedaka, do not sound a trumpet before yourself, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Truly I say unto you, They have their reward.  But when you do tsedaka, let not your left hand know what your right hand does:  That your tsedaka may be in secret: and your Father which sees in secret himself will reward you openly."

It is quite common in many Jewish circles for benefactors to advertise their supporter, with plaques, awards, dinners and all from of public recognition... you know the story, right?  Y'shua said DON'T DO IT!    We we give we are directed to give in the Name of YHWH as His Good Will, not our own.  The giver MUST give as if YHWH Himself is the one giving, the recipient must also give credit to YHWH for receiving from their benefactors.  This is very important point as it pertains to the Kingdom of Elohim, YHWH is the One who is giving, health, life, witty inventions etc.  YHWH desires that His people recognize this and reflect His character to others.  We are made in the image of Elohim, the more we reflect Him the greater universal victories there are for His Kingdom.  When benefactors take the credit for giving, they are robbing themselves from eternal blessings.  Money is often more highly coveted in the material world than all else, however education and experience in the Kingdom of Elohim is much more prized by Moshiach.

It is the Ruach HaKodesh that writes the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Kingdom upon the heart but it takes a benefactor to give time as their contribution, not money.  Contrary to the old adage, time is NOT money, time of course is invaluable, if you don't think so just ask anybody who is dead. :)  A third example of Y'shua's halacha.  Matthew 6:5-8  "And when you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Truly I say unto you, They have their reward.  But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly.  But when you pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.  Don't be like them: for your Father knows what things you have need of, before you ask him."

Yeshua's halacha tells us that YHWH knows all the religious games people play every day.  He knows how the weak flesh can put on a show at the Kotel, Beit Knesset, local church, home meeting, or what have you, especially when there are needs or appeals to be made in front of others.  People tell lies on the inside and the outside every day, Moshiach is telling us save our breath and see ourselves for who we really are, like YHWH sees us, and pray from a contrite heart.  Do Netzarim talmidim (disciples) read from the New Testament Bible?   Contrary to popular opinion the early "New Testament" Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts were not entirely lost.  The Ketuvim Netzarim (writings of the Netzarim) are available today translated from an assortment of texts.  There are many extreme differences between the christian translations of the Greek "New Testament" Bible and original Hebrew-Aramaic.  Significant differences are also corroborated by discoveries in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Netzarim prefer to study Hebrew and Aramaic texts because of continuity and harmony between all those who speak in the Name of YHWH.  It is important also to note that the "New Testament" is an erroneous and misleading term coined by Marcion (who was a christian heretic), it is neither a "New" testament or the "New" Covenant.  Marcion coined the term "New Testament" in an effort to start a "new" religion, by marrying paganism with the teachings of the Moshiach.  The writings of the Netzarim (followers of Yeshua) speak of how to enter into the Kingdom of Elohim and how to accept and walk in "The Covenant" YHWH made with all who would accept Him as the One True Elohim.

The Ketuvim Netzarim provides halacha (direction for application of Torah), history, and testimony about Yeshua and His Talmidim.  Yeshua HaMoshiach Ben David is a progressive revelation, the best and worst of His "TESTAMENT" is yet to come.  Unfortunately, many who read the "New Testament" are not aware that all who follow Moshiach are required to enter into the "Covenant", which includes the Ten Commandments, (seventh day Shabbat) and according to ACTS 15:29"abstain from meats offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from fornication." all gentiles were given these 4 preliminary Levitical directives by YHWH as the Holy Spirit spoke to Ya'akov HaTsaddiq, however most who read the "New Testament" also reject this directive because of tradition... tradition.

Do Netzarim talmidim (disciples) believe in the same Messiah as the christians?  The Name of Moshiach in Hebrew is shown in the Tanak as Yehoshua*, He is the authentic and true "Branch" according to YHWH's Prophets.  We must examine who "jesus" is according to christians and who Yeshua is according to The Word.  There does happens to be however another "branch" figure who was an ancient Sumerian deity called Tammuz (read more).  A large amount of christian tradition is derived directly from the worship of Tammuz.  Jesus personifies the image of Tammuz who was born on december 25th, had green trees are erected in his name and people give gifts to each other when celebrating the Tammuz festival.

Most christians know there are "two Messiahs" and "two gospels", unfortunately many christians would rather choose Tammuz worship rather than Moshiach Y'shua.  Obviously there is teaching about jesus which is based on the True Moshiach, however when truth is mixed with paganism the whole body becomes pagan.  Torah gives many examples how a person can become defiled, let's say a person is very righteous in everything except they steal, lie, cheat, commit idolatry, and violate Shabbat?  The righteousness in a person cannot make the unrighteousness clean, nor can Yeshua's blood unless a person repents and stops sinning.  Netzarim disciples do to follow the customs of the heathen.  At one time most of ancient Israel was seduced by Tammuz worship (Ezekiel 8:14) today over 2000 christian denominations all declare jesus to be the head of their churches, but they have been taught a Greek and a pagan jesus who annulled the Torah, which is the Word of YHWH.  Very few have had the opportunity to meet Moshiach within His own Hebrew based Torah identity.

There were no "church Fathers" who met Yeshua neither did they meet with any Netzarim followers of Yeshua.  The founders of christianity based their religion based on hearsay.  Yeshua "made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:  And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the torture stake."  Philippians 2:7-  We must ask ourselves not only if we have found the One True Moshiach, but whether we have also taken on the form of a servant, humbled ourselves and have become obedient unto death?  If we have become servants of Moshiach we will live as He lived, we will observe Torah and count it a Joy to suffer for righteousness sake.  When those around us speak evil of Torah and those who uphold Torah, our Joy in Moshiach and in His Word will not be diminished, rather we have entered into the sufferings of Moshiach.

Judgment, Faith and Mercy are the hallmarks of Yeshua.  Why do Netzarim talmidim (disciples) use Hebrew Names instead of jesus and LORD?  Hebrew names convey principles of revelation, prophecy, instruction, salvation,  headship, authority etc.  Names are extremely important to relate with and identify the revelation of the Kingdom of Elohim.  We must follow and understand what YHWH has revealed, LORD is not a name, it is a title which is be applied to many other Lords.  The Name of YHWH is very important, to remove His Name from our tongues is to inadvertently praise the traditions of men read more.  *Y'shua HaMoshiach is a prophetic Hebrew Name and Title ordained by YHWH       to reveal Moshiach.  Y'shua means "Yahweh is Salvation", Yahweh Himself brings Salvation through Moshiach.  HaMoshiach translates as "the anointed", this anointing refers to the Neshama or "Spirit" and mandate of Yeshua.

"Yeshua answered and said to him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.  He that does not love me does not keep not my sayings: and the word which you hear is not mine, but the Father's which sent me." John 14:23-24.  The Spirit of Moshiach is what has always directed mankind into the "Kingdom of Elohim". "Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you:  Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Moshiach which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Moshiach, and the glory that should follow.  Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the Way of Truth unto you with the Ruach HaKodesh sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into."

1 Peter 1:10-12 The recension of the Name Yeshua into the Greek name "Iesous" or English "jesus" has resulted in several critical losses of understanding of who Moshiach is.  The name "jesus" was a hybrid name coined by Greeks to personify the deity of Yeshua.  The polytheistic Greek culture gave "jesus" a place among their existing gods, but not to the exclusion of their other gods.  Note: be aware that the letter "J" was not introduced until 1611ad, but in the days before was pronounced as a "Y."  The name je-sous is a hybrid to zeus who was the "king of the gods".  Once "jesus" had been personified as the singular deity, the polytheistic Greek culture could not accept christianity and rejected those who followed Jesus to the exclusion of all other gods.  Christian thinkers found a loophole early in the Second Century when Tertullian coined the term "trinity" and invented the "one God in three persons" ideology.  By coining the name "jesus" and teaching the "trinity", christians were able to re-establish their place inside the Hellenized world.

The observance of the sun-day, easter (Ishtar), and christmas (saturnalia) festivals took on christian meanings and interpretation.  By the middle of the third Century, the Emperor of Rome, Constantine, pronounced his newly formed christianity as the state religion, by this time it had long lost its original Hebrew roots, Names, terms and definitions.  One "church father" named Jerome considered Netzarim Jews as those who "do not cease to observe the old law", Jerome was not able to distinguish between the Netzarim faith and Rabbinical Judaism.  Early christians founders chose to make a clean cut from Netzarim Jews in order to function and be accepted at local pagan community levels, not much has changed since then.  A  Netzarim lifestyle means to abandon Hellenized religions and turn to the Way of Moshiach, Yeshua made no compromises neither should we.

*Yehoshua, Yeshua or Y'shua are variations of names that mean "YHWH is Salvation".  "And Ezra blessed YHWH, the great Elohim. And all the people answered, Amen ve Amen, lifting up their hands: and they bowed their heads, and worshipped YHWH with their faces to the ground.  Also Yeshua..."  To discover some very important aspects of Moshiach Yeshua one can look into  the many places where the word "salvation" is mentioned in the Tanak.  We can discover that Yeshua IS the right hand of YHWH and He IS Eloheinu as well as many more important revelations about Him throughout the Tanak.   One discovers that to accept Yeshua as Moshiach means to draw a line between Torah and Tradition, not necessarily a popular thing to do when around religious people.  The name Yahshua was invented by Sacred Name people in America in the mid 1900's.  Yah is a short form of Yahweh (as in HalleluYAH)  Sacred Name Believers opt for this spelling to recognize that YaShua came in the Name of YHWH.  YaShua said, "And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that are Torahless."  Matthew 7:23



Q: what was nailed to the stake?

A: Torah says that we broke HIS covenant by not keeping HIS commandments.  The blood of bulls and goats could not atone for man's sin and never will.  YaShua Messiah "was" at the beginning and it always was the plan for HIM to come and offer Himself for our sins, as the one and final perfect sacrifice.  There was no "plan B."  YHWH, speaking through the prophets, said, "I will make with the House of Israel a 'better' or "renewed covenant, a covenant of MY blood, and I will write MY Torah on their hearts."  When Messiah came, HE reestablished Torah and taught what it really said, much to the dismay of the Pharisees.  The Pharisees had written their own Torah, adding volumes of false rules and their own commandments, ammending the original commandments.


We must realize that there is no forgiveness in Torah for intentional sin, only mercy via sacrifice for unintentional sin.  The punishment for intentional sin was death of the guilty party, period, no ifs, ands, or buts - death.  Now, what was really nailed to the stake; the death penalty for intentional sin, that instead of death for breaking Torah commandments, we receive by Messiah's blood, mercy and forgiveness.


It's commonly taught today that the obligation to keep Torah commandments were nailed to the stake but nothing could be farther from the truth. To teach anything else is a lie.  It's also said that, "man just can't keep all those old burdensom commandments, it's bondage," please don't be guilty of repeating this, don't call Messiah a liar on top of everythinbg else!  HE said, "Take MY yoke, it's easy," also, "MY commandments are not burdensom."  How these teachers whine, "jesus came and kept them so we don't have to..."  I shudder to think of YHWH's wrath upon those who teach such trash.  Wouldn't it be easier to just teach the Truth? Oh, the depravity of man's teachings.  Remember HE is not fair, HE's just!

Moreh Larry