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What we believe

The Scriptures are entirely about “a” people – that there are only two peoples in

the world, gentiles and Hebrews.  The “Scriptures” is the story about the Hebrew

people.  YHWH Elohim, the Creator, commanded Abraham to leave his home and

go to a place where YHWH would show him.  When he arrived YHWH made HIS

covenant with him forever.  HE gave them a land that HE called the Promised

Land.  Later Abraham was given a son of “promise.”  His name was Isaac.  Even

later, he had a son named Yaakov (changed to Israel) to which the original

covenant was passed to him, forever.  Even later when the Israelites were

enslaved in Egypt, a son was born who would lead the people out, and into the

Promised Land.  When HE led them to Mount Sinai, HE gave them “instructions”

to live by which HE called Torah.  In fact the word for instruction in Hebrew is

Torah.”  I might add; more than the Hebrews came out of Egypt, also thousands

of gentiles who had obeyed YHWH’s instruction for the Passover.  HE gave them

the same heritage of those born in the “Land” and HIS same Torah applied to

them.  HE adopted them into HIS family - the Hebrews!  HE also declares that

“anyone” who will turn his heart toward Israel will be grafted into HIS family, and

they too become as “born in the Land.”  This people were destined to be

Messiah’s bride for whom HE would return for.  This is what we so anxiously



The following paragraphs describe events in our history.

There is one Creator, YHWH, (HIS real name), is the Creator of the heavens and

the earth, and that without HIM nothing was made.  That HE, YHWH is the Torah

that lives forever.  HIS Son YaShua was with HIM from the beginning and HE and

YHWH are One.  YaShua would later take on a fleshly form and offer Himself as

payment for the sins of the world – the final sacrifice.  As for us, the people

Israel, we broke HIS covenants but those who repented were forgiven and their

relationship restored with YHWH.


John wrote that Messiah, (YaShua, yah-shooah, HIS real name), has come as the

Living Torah - John 1:1 “in the beginning was the living Torah and the living

Torah was with YHWH, and the living Torah was YHWH.”  2 The same was in the

beginning with YHWH. That, YaShua came to us and said; Matthew 5:17-19, 17

think not that I am come to weaken, or destroy the Torah, or the prophets: I

have not come to weaken, or destroy, but to completely reveal it in its intended

fullness.  18 For truly I say to you, until the current heaven and earth pass away,

not one yud, or one nekudah shall by any means pass from the Torah, until all be

fulfilled.  19 Whoever therefore shall break, or weaken one of the least Torah

commandments, and shall teach men so, he will be referred to as the least in the

Kingdom of Heaven: but whoever shall do and teach the commands, the same

will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.


HE stripped away and exposed the Pharisees' “adding-to, and taking-away” of the

Scriptures which YHWH strictly forbids.  By their adding to and taking away,

made YHWH’s Commandments of no effect, and this is what they taught in the

Temple.  So men obeyed "man's laws" instead of Torah.  YaShua taught true

Torah, not the “leaven” as the Pharisees taught.  HE exposed their sins publicly,

which infuriated the Pharisees who sought to kill HIM. By getting the Roman

officials involved, they held a mock trial for YaShua and succeeded in putting HIM

to death.  His death fulfilled the prophecy of Torah and the prophets.  HE was

crucified, died and was buried (literally 3 days and 3 nights), as the sign of Yonah

was three days and three nights in the belly of the fish.  HE was resurrected on

the Sabbath because HE is the Creator of the Sabbath, and has ascended to the

Father where HE awaits HIS return.  By HIS sacrifice we are forgiven the sin of

Adam that we inherited, too we are forgiven for breaking HIS Torah commands,

or, the death penalty we were to receive for doing so.  That the Scriptures are

accurate, inspired, and valid, including ALL the covenants which YHWH our

Elohim made with our forefathers, from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Yitzchak, (Isaac)

and Yaakov,(Jacob), and these are the forefathers of all believers in Messiah.


We are commanded to use the “real” names of the Father and HIS Son, once we

learn them, not ever using the counterfeit ones that we inherited.  This command

applies to the Jews who use the words; Ha Shem, or, (the name).  The Roman

Emperor Constantine hated the Jews, and was not a believer in Messiah as is

taught by some, but was a sun-god worshipper until his death.  He replaced the

Feasts of YHWH with pagan observances christmas and easter, in which there is

nothing holy, but was idol worship directly from Babylon.  These were the yearly

observances the Romans used to worship their pagan idols.  The word "christo" is

Greek, a name they called all their deities.  The word “christ” is from “christeanus”

from Greek idolatry. 


The Torah breaking Jews compiled a book they called the Talmud, (a book meant

to interpret Torah, written by the

Pharisees) and taught in Synagogues as Torah.  There is no room for it in a

believer’s life, only true Torah. YaShua

Messiah was born the first day of Sukkoth, the Fall Feast of YHWH - in Beit Lechem ( Bethlehem; House of Bread), not on december 25th.  At Passover HE


offered Himself as THE Passover Lamb, the Final Sacrifice for our sins. 

Commandments contained in Torah are still valid today and must be kept as

commanded from Creation,  throughout

our generations; not for Salvation but so that we will know HIM intimately.  

1John 2:4: “any man who says he knows

YHWH and doesn’t keep HIS commandments is a liar and Torah is not in him.”


The commandment of the Seventh Day, or, Sabbath (Shabbat sha-baat means

REST), was the only day that YHWH named, the other days are numbered, and

the true Sabbath is saturday, after the pagan god saturn.  The moon’s phases

regulate the beginning of months. The beginnings of years are established by the

sighting the first sliver of a new moon, and, the barley crop being mature, if the

barley isn’t ripe then the next new moon will determine the year’s beginning. 

Days begin and end at sun-down, whenever the sun goes down!  In 1999 the

Hebrew calendar, astronomically and agriculturally correct, was re-established,

restoring HIS reckoning of time.


We believe that all prophecies will be fulfilled at their appointed times, no sooner,

no later, as Scripture states.  An event known as the “rapture” will come at HIS

appointed time and not in secret.  A Scripture reference to the verse; “that no one

knows the day or hour” when HE will return”, concerns the times of the new

moon, and or the ripening barley – thus, “only MY Father knows hour or day”. 

Some barley harvests are later, but we still have a new moon, if the barley is not

ripened, Scriptures directs us to wait till the next new moon, adding a 13th

month.  Until both agree the new moon and ripening of the barley, we cannot

start a new year, so calendars cannot be made years in advance, we must wait on

the moon and the barley!


All Holy events are set apart and made Holy by YHWH, not man, and are not

“Jewish” things, are YHWH’s things!   The Feasts of YHWH, have never been

annulled, changed, rescheduled, or altered in any way – and never will, and HE

commands us to keep them forever.  HE is the same yesterday, today and

forever.  We are the "last" generation; the fulfilling of the prophecy of Isaiah,

"when Israel was restored as a nation", marked the beginning of the last

generation and we will not pass away until all things written in the Scriptures will

be fulfilled.  And the day when we will be “changed” and will have incorruptible

bodies to dwell with Messiah forever, will come at its appointed time, not at some

random moment or in secret.  In: 1Thesalonians 4:17, 2Theselonians 2:2, and

1Corinthians 15:51, that this "rapture" occurs after the "Last Shofar", (the seven

shofars, referred to in Revelations).   Torah is the “shadow” picture of good

things to come, as Paul wrote.   The last generation will be tribulated and proven

true and then be gathered in an Exodus out of the world.


May HE be glorified, honored and praised forever and ever,Amein!

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